High Court Enforcement

Our High Court Enforcement Agents are experienced, professional and well versed in the process of enforcing High Court Writs. High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEOs) are authorised by the Lord Chancellor’s office to enforce High Court Writs. They have greater powers than County Court bailiffs. High Court Enforcement Officers are therefore more effective in recovering outstanding debts from unpaid County Court Judgments (CCJ).

The High Court Enforcement Officers manage all our field Enforcement Agents assigned to each case. Each Enforcement Agent will have good knowledge of their respective local areas, which when pooled together provides national coverage.

We have set out below a list of the most common types of High Court Writs available and also other court judgments for High Court Enforcement. These writs enable you to recover your money or property.

High Court Enforcement to Recover Your Money and Property

Money – You can recover outstanding debts owed to you by instructing us to enforce a Writ of Control. If you have an outstanding CCJ above £600, we offer a free administration service to transfer up to and for High Court Enforcement.

Property  – Instruct us to enforce a Writ of Possession, to successfully remove Squatters from commercial property, or unauthorised Trespassers on your land.or Tenants from your residential property


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